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What is Home Care (or Care at Home)?

If you’re looking at solutions for an ageing relative who’s not yet ready to move away from home, then you’ll see home care (or care at home) suggested as a possible solution. What exactly is home care, however, and what would the carer be able to do (and not do) for your loved one? As the local experts on the matter, Pai Homecare takes a closer look at the whole subject, and looks at everything you need to know to make the right decision today.

What is Home Care?

Home Care is a catch-all term for non-medical, quality-of-life improving services offered to seniors at their own home. While they can assist elderly patients with monitoring medications and with remembering to take them on a doctor-advised schedule, they are not able to prescribe different medications or perform more complex medical tasks. That falls under a similar category, at-home health care.

The key focus of care at home is in holistically ensuring the senior has a safer, happier home environment that adequately meets their needs. With this in mind, your home carer will assist with a range of matters, which we look at in a little more detail below. 

What services does Care at Home offer, then?

Why would you need home care services as an elder, then? Here at Pai Homecare, we offer services that fall in the following broad categories:

# Personal Care

# Help at Home

# Companionship

# Support

# Live-in Care

Of these, live-in care is probably the one that most people will imagine when they hear the term ‘care at home’. Here, the registered and well-vetted carer will reside in the home with the senior, helping them with overnight activities like bathroom breaks and taking medication as well as assisting with day-to-day tasks.

This is far from the only role care at home can play, however. Help at home is possibly the most important service our carers offer. As we age, we often lose both flexibility and strength, and maintaining a basic level of hygiene in the home can easily slip. With our carers on hand to help with light housework and laundry, they can also fetch prescriptions, ensure medication is being taken on an adequate timetable, and prepare healthy, nourishing meals as well as assist the senior with eating if required.

Not only does this ensure a safe and healthy environment for your loved one, it also makes sure that they are caring for themselves even if they have got a little forgetful with time.

What other services can in-home care offer?

Talking about forgetfulness, self-neglect is often a worry when you have a determined senior who wishes to remain in their home and not enter a care home-type atmosphere. We’ve mentioned keeping meals and medication on track, but to live a healthy and happy life as we age it’s essential that basic personal care stays attentive as well. From a little help with personal hygiene and getting dressed, to actively guiding the senior through getting up in the mornings and heading to bed in the evening, in-home care can help with showering, bathing and even adult incontinence issues. With caring, expert eyes ensuring your elder takes the best possible care of themselves while preserving their dignity, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing they‘re looking after their health.

Is in-home care only for frail seniors?

While the common perception of care at home may be that it’s only for very frail or struggling senior citizens who are resigned to spending life at home forgotten, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, through the care provided by a home care service, we help seniors maintain their independent lifestyle for longer, without compromising on care or neglecting the concerns of their family. As well as the more practical services home care offers, we are also there to provide companionship to help stimulate the brain and keep our clients active and engaged in their lives. We’re also able to assist the seniors with important appointments like the doctor or dentist, help them participate in enjoyable hobbies and social events, and even lend a helping hand during shopping and other daily activities. The carer is on hand to provide assistance and ensure the senior citizen is safe and able to relax and enjoy their activities at all times.

Why care at home is a key part of enjoying your ageing life

Care at home is for any ageing citizen who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle in their own home. Of course, we all want to be independent for as long as possible, but it’s critical to be realistic about these matters as well. Families do not always suggest sending their loved ones to care homes to declare them redundant or ‘get rid’ of them… many do it because the signs of a weaker body or forgetful mind are becoming obvious in ways the seniors themselves may not always realize. We’ve all heard horror stories of seniors falling at home, unable to get up or even call for help. Or old folks forgetting to eat- or leaving dinner on the stove so long it burns and they don’t realize it until the fire department is at the door!

Running a large home fit for a full family single-handedly is hard enough even if you’re at peak fitness. Yet some are not ready for the sometimes stigmatised process of going to a care home. When you’ve spent many loving years making not just a house, but a home, it’s not easy to abandon that. Not to mention important feelings like that of losing your independence, or feeling less empowered to participate in enjoyable and (mentally) critically important social events because of a lack of companionship or assistance.

Care at home opens up a whole new world for the senior who does not want to consider a care home environment. We carefully balance family concerns like falls, forgotten medication or inability to manage heavy tasks with helping the senior to thrive, stay active and feel comfortable in their own home.

Keen to see what bespoke care plan Pai Homecare can help you create for your loved ones? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today-we’re always here to help.

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