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What day-to-day care does PAI Homecare’s care at home offer?

What does care at home look like? Is it really an alternative to care homes, or does the service fill other niches? We at PAI Homecare understand that finding the perfect solution for you or your ageing loved one is important to you, so today we’re taking a closer look at the day-to-day care we offer.

Understanding levels of care at home
Firstly, it’s important to realise that, unlike the structure in many care homes, there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ answer when it comes to care at home. That’s why it can provide such a versatile alternative to care homes for seniors who may need a little help daily, but do not yet need (or want) the full-time structure of a care home.
We use a bespoke care plan to ensure that the seniors needs and wants are both taken into account. They will work with us to create a care structure that supports them at home. This can range from a few hours of help (or company) a day right through to 24/7 live-in care.

What areas do you offer assistance in?
Broadly speaking, we break the services we offer down into several key areas:
# Personal Care
# Help at Home
# Companionship
# Support
# Live-in Care
While these categories are pretty easy to understand, what does that actually mean in the day-to-day life of someone using care at home?

Personal Care
It can be difficult to keep up on self-care tasks as you age. Not only do we lose flexibility and mobility, making it difficult to keep up on more physically demanding aspects of personal care (like hair brushing and styling, or pedicures and maintenance of the feet), this also means we can miss out on -or dismiss as ‘worrying too much’- important health signals from our bodies. Diabetic patients, for example, must carefully monitor their feet for signs of blood sugar issues you may not otherwise detect.
The PAI Homecare team can help you keep on top of your health and personal hygiene without you feeling like a burden or losing your dignity in ageing, even if you need assistance with medication, incontinence pads or anything else. When you feel neat and presentable, you’ll find this also has a knock-on impact on how you approach the world and how good you feel about yourself. Maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene and care will help you find yourself better placed to enjoy the world around you, and ensure you feel your best through the rest of the day. We’ll help you get up, and get ready for bed, with dignity and care.

Help at Home
Science has looked at the knock-on effect an untidy, unloved home can have on the mind. When we live in clutter, disorganisation or unpleasant surroundings, it can have a serious impact on how we feel and how effectively our mind functions. Yet, as we age, it’s common to start ‘compromising’ on tasks and letting things slip.
There’s no need to do this with care at home. Your carer will come in according to the bespoke plan you have created together to assist with light housework, laundry and other tasks that need a helping hand. We’ll also help keep you on track for the very best help through balanced, tasty meals that nourish, and we can even assist with shopping and other tasks out of the home.

It’s easy to underestimate how important day-to-day companionship is for our psyches, especially if you’re invested in convincing your family you don’t need anyone’s help at all! Yet humans are social animals, and we’re wired to need the company of others. Society already forces us to leave hectic lives on the run, and it can be difficult for younger or more mobile members of the family to check-in every day. Our care at home services don’t see clients as just a job. We take great pains to match each carer to their client well, and you’ll find the many benefits of companionship and stimulating conversation help you feel better than ever.
With care at home, you’ll also have someone who can help you out at doctors’ appointments and other times you need a little company on the way.

We all need a little support through our days, after all. Keeping active with a range of hobbies and activities is key to ageing healthily, and our care at home services don’t stop at your threshold. We’ll help you keep active and enjoying life, as well as accompany you to social events, shopping and other daily activities to ensure assistance is always on hand.

There’s a range of reasons clients may need live-in services. From overnight medication to bathroom breaks, you may need a helping hand overnight- and we’ll ensure you find one.
Care at home can be a viable alternative to a care home for seniors who’d rather grow old in familiar surroundings, but still maintain a high quality of life. PAI Homecare ensures each client has dignity and peace of mind at all times, and our bespoke care plans enable you to tailor the level of support you receive. From live-in services to support you at all hours, to a brief check in every week to assist with laundry and shopping, we’ve got the right plan for you. Why not get in touch today?

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