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Pai HomeCare News

Pai HomeCare are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest news and opinions from the world of home care.

We understand that researching certain care needs, conditions or treatments can be time-consuming and at times confusing, so we've put together a few articles to help our clients make the right decision around home care.


What is Home Care (or Care at Home)?
If you’re looking at solutions for an ageing relative who’s not yet ready to move away from home, then you’ll see home care (or care at home) suggested as a possible solution. What exactly is home care, however, and what would the carer be able to do (and not do) for your loved one? As the local experts on the matter, Pai Homecare takes a closer look at the whole subject, and looks at everything you need to know to make the right decision today. Read More.

Where to find Home Care resources?
Once you’ve decided that home care, or help at home for a loved one, is the right route, how do you access the resources you need to make the transition a smooth one? The world wide web can be an intimidating place to start, and it’s difficult to know that you’re making the right decision based just on a blog post or two. Here’s some handy UK-based resources to help. Read More. 


How to spot if your loved one requires home care
Ageing can be a scary process, both for the senior and their loving family. How do you balance the desire to stay independent, mobile and in the home you’ve spent many decades creating with personal safety and accessibility? Luckily in-home care can be a great way to maintain freedom and independence while balancing health concerns. Today, PAI Homecare takes a closer look at the warning signs that your favourite senior could need home care.  Read More.

What day-to-day care does PAI Homecare’s care at home offer? 
What does care at home look like? Is it really an alternative to care homes, or does the service fill other niches? We at PAI Homecare understand that finding the perfect solution for you or your ageing loved one is important to you, so today we’re taking a closer look at the day-to-day care we offer.
Read More. 


Types of Home Care companies you need to know about
Here at PAI Homecare, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that you and your loved ones receive only the very best care, love and attention as they age. Home care companies have a huge role to play in ensuring you can maintain a top quality of life, without sacrificing a healthy, happy environment.
Read More.

Home care versus Care Home: the differences everyone should know
Home care versus care homes? It’s a choice many seniors face as they age, and without fully understanding the pros and cons of each you won’t be properly empowered to seek out the very best choices for care. Today PAI Homecare takes a look at the key differences between each style of eldercare. Read More. 


What home care services do Pai Homecare offer?
Here at PAI Homecare, we know that age is more than just a number. From independent living seniors who just need a helping hand here-and-there, to elders who rely on us to ensure they stay safe and comfortable day to day, everyone needs something different. Read More.

How do you arrange care at home services for your special seniors
One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, whether you’re the carer for a special senior or the elder themselves, is ensuring that your beloved family members receive safe, appropriate and friendly care that supports them appropriately as they age. Read More. 


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