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Where to find Home Care resources?

Once you’ve decided that home care, or help at home for a loved one, is the right route, how do you access the resources you need to make the transition a smooth one? The world wide web can be an intimidating place to start, and it’s difficult to know that you’re making the right decision based just on a blog post or two. Here’s some handy UK-based resources to help.

Starting with the NHS

Of course, one of the smartest places to start for anything UK-based is with the NHS. You may be surprised to know that they have a huge online portal of helpful articles, links and suggestions to assist you.

Before you find the right help at home for you, in fact, you or a loved one should probably take a long look around the senior’s home. Many common features- from staircases without rails to uneven floorboards- can be a hazard for the ageing person to navigate. The modifications needed to make the home considerably more senior-friendly are often very easy to retrofit and fairly affordable, too. The great news is that the NHS and social services do offer a lot of help to help you create a safe space in the home. Find more about these, and benefits you may be able to claim for the silver citizen, here

How do I find help at home in the UK?

Private carers- another name for home care workers- are typically not affiliated with the NHS, which only offers at-home care in certain specific situations that do not include general ageing. This means your carer will work for themselves, either through an agency, privately, or through an independent matchmaking service.

One of the best ways to find a reputable carer is, of course, through word of mouth. Online review sites for these matters do exist, too, which can be almost as good. Be careful, however, in that the overarching internet culture of the moment does make encountering fake reviews possible. Be very discerning about what sites you use and what reviews you trust- even thoroughly reliable sites like Google reviews can fall prey to bitter people stirring trouble. Look instead for patterns of good (or poor) service through many reviews. Reviews should sound authentic, reflect a range of styles, and give actual details of care or report detailed issues, not generic statements or sweeping statements. 

This is why we at PAI Homecare take care to ensure each and every carer who works with us has a track record of dignified, caring service, so you can always rest assured your loved ones are in the safest hands. 

What services does PAI Homecare have to offer? 

We offer a host of bespoke home care solutions that ensure you can always access the help at home you need to thrive in your senior years. While we personally tailor each care plan to the client, we offer assistance across these key areas: 

# Personal Care 

# Help at Home

# Companionship

# Support

# Live-in Care

This enables the senior and their loved ones to completely tailor the level of care they receive. From an active, fit senior who just needs some help with heavy laundry and perhaps a companion for hobbies or shopping, to someone who requires overnight care or assistance with their medication in the small hours, we can help you create the perfect help at home plan. 

What other resources for seniors are there?

If you’re looking for other resources that all seniors should know, about, these are some great places to start:

Age Concern

This national charity is a great place to look for help on matters relevant to senior citizens. In particular, they have a great resource for financial services made with seniors in mind, as well as other information and advice that can help. They have merged recently with Help the Aged.

Anchor Staying Put

This resource will help you adapt your home to be more suitable for a person of advanced age or other frailty. PAIred with at home care, this can help create a stable and safe environment for your loved ones.

Medically specific charities

There are many charities and organisations dedicated to specific health conditions that can affect the elderly. The Alzheimer’s Society, Arthritis Care, Parkinson’s Disease Society, The Stroke Association and many more can assist you with specific issues.

Care Quality Commission 

Not only can you find out how your area performs in elder care, but they can also offer some reviews and recommendations on care homes and carers.

These are, of course, just some of the many quality services available to the elderly in the UK. Make sure you and your elder are empowered to shape a happy, healthy retirement phase by reaching out to these organisations and charities for help, advice and assistance as you need it.  

You, the senior your love, and PAI Homecare can help shape a home care experience that ensures dignity, practicality and quality of life all walk hand in hand with you. Contact us today to discuss the help at home you require, or simply to ask any other questions about the home care process you may have- we’re always here to help. 

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