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What home care services do Pai Homecare offer?

Here at PAI Homecare, we know that age is more than just a number. From independent living seniors who just need a helping hand here-and-there, to elders who rely on us to ensure they stay safe and comfortable day to day, everyone needs something different. We’re proud to offer you a huge range of bespoke services which will be shaped completely around the senior’s needed level of care as well as their preferences. It’s our goal to help you create the perfect care program, while still recognising everyone's individuality and personality. 

With that in mind, you may need to access all the services we have on offer, or simply a few to help in the smooth day-to-day life of your loved ones. This is why we take great pains to work closely with every one of our service users and those involved in their care. We offer a wide and versatile range of assistance in all areas of day-to-day care, so let’s take a look at some of our most commonly requested help areas.

Personal Care

Personal care is perhaps one of the most important daily tasks each of us face. Without taking adequate care of our bodies, we can’t thrive. Yet there’s a surprising amount of flexibility and strength required to ensure we stay at peak hygiene and fitness, and this isn’t always open to you as you age. Likewise, if you’re becoming forgetful over time it’s easy to miss out on key care tasks day-to-day. Our carers are on hand to help our seniors with issues like:

Showering and bathing safely 

Taking medication on doctor-approved schedules regularly

Assistance with getting up and heading to bed daily

Managing incontinence with care and compassion

Maintaining great personal hygiene as well as dressing for the day

Help at Home

Worries about a visible decline in homelife are often the first steps a caring family take towards realising their senior needs a little extra help with daily living. It’s easy to convince ourselves we’re still on top of it all, while allowing standards to relax and tasks to go undone. PAI Homecare knows there’s nothing wrong in needing a little help every now-and-again. While some seniors with a stubborn streak can fear that accepting help at home means they will lose their independence, it’s important to realise that the help offered by our carers is actually a key step in maintaining the ability to live independently, without compromising on care or lifestyle standards. Help at home offers a wide range of quality-of-life enhancing services to ensure the senior’s home environment is safe and welcoming without them struggling.

We can assist with: 

Preparing meals and ensuring the senior eats properly

Basic shopping and housework tasks

Laundry and other ‘heavy lifting’ tasks

Managing medication needs through the day and collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy

Day and night ‘check-ins’ to assist the senior with any concerns and ensure they are thriving

Companionship and Support

A quality life isn’t just about the physical aspects of our environment, however. A thriving life is one where the senior is remaining active, engaged and outgoing, enjoying everything life has to offer. Yet it’s easy to begin to isolate during this time of life. The elder may have concerns about sight, hearing or their ability to remain stable and standing in rushed supermarkets or at events, and this may encourage them to miss out instead. For many who remain in their own homes, it can also be difficult to meet like-minded people of the same age as new families move into the neighbourhood. Or you may not know how to navigate the changing tech frontiers to stay in touch. We’re proud to offer our seniors not just a healthy physical environment, but to also encourage them to meet their needs for social activity and companionship with our help.

Conversation with the carer themselves 

Accompanying clients to key appointments like dentists and doctors

Support with their favourite hobbies and cherished activities

Keeping them company while shopping, at social events and other daily activities.

Pai Homecare seeks to balance all these aspects of a happy, healthy life with the unique needs of our clients and their loved ones when we create our bespoke care plans. While some seniors may only need to access a handful of our offered services to continue to live a fulfilling, independent life, others may need greater levels of care. It’s also perfectly possible that the senior’s care needs can fluctuate over time- for example, you could need greater care post-surgery then you will after recovery, and so on. One of the best features of our care programs is that you will regularly revisit and revise care levels to suit your needs. Allowing your seniors to stay in the familiar surroundings of their home, but affording you complete peace of mind that they are safe and well, is one of the most rewarding feelings you will experience.

We’re proud to offer only the very best in friendly service to those seniors already in care with us, and look forward to meeting new faces too! Why not get in touch with your PAI Homecare consultant today, and take the first steps to creating an independent, supportive future today? 

Our Care Services

Supportive and Compassionate live in care services for Hertfordshire, Befordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Care and support from within your own home.

Ongoing support for medication, shopping, companionship and personal care. 

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