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Types of Home Care companies you need to know about

Here at PAI Homecare, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that you and your loved ones receive only the very best care, love and attention as they age. Home care companies have a huge role to play in ensuring you can maintain a top quality of life, without sacrificing a healthy, happy environment.

While services like our very own are probably the first to pop into your mind when you hear the term, there’s several different forms of domiciliary care available to you. Carefully balancing your needs with these different options is a key step to a happy, healthy old age.

Care at Home: the industry benchmark

When we say ‘home care companies’, we can almost guarantee a full care at home service is the picture that jumps into your mind. Care at home entails one of our friendly helpers visiting the senior regularly within their home environment. While social interaction is a big part of these visits, the helper will also assist with a wide range of other tasks. These will, of course, be tailored to your personal needs. It can be assistance with personal care tasks, getting up and going to bed, managing health basics like ensuring tasty, healthy meals are being eaten and medication taken on the doctor’s schedule, helping with shopping, basic housework and laundry, and simply helping to support hobbies, offer companionship and keep the senior invested in their favourite activities.

Care at home can be as intense or as casual as the senior requires, but is generally a step behind full live-in care in intensity, as the carer will typically go home once they have checked over their senior and ensured they’re ready for the night. 

A step further- live-in care

Live-in care simply takes the care at home concept a step further, and has the helper remain on the premises throughout the day and night. They will assist the senior with a very similar task load throughout the day. As this is a ‘step-up’ in care often taken for seniors who are becoming less able to fend for themselves during long periods, or who have overnight needs to manage like incontinence or medication, it’s typical for the package of services needed to be a little broader and all-encompassing then some care at-home options.

A helping hand: medical nurses at home

It’s important to realise that the dedicated helpers who perform domiciliary care are not typically medical nurses themselves. This would be overkill for almost all senior’s needs, and place a higher burden of cost on families unnecessarily. While your carer is carefully vetted and trained, they are not typically required to carry a full medical qualification. This means they are able to assist the senior in keeping to their doctor-prescribed medication, in the dosages and on the schedule set by a medical professional, and even assist with some basic health tasks like uncomplicated wound dressing. They cannot, however, seek to alter that prescription or dosage, or provide more in-depth medical services.

Luckily, should your senior require this level of specialised medical care for any reason, domiciliary care services involving trained medical nurses are available, for both short-term and long-term care. 

Respite care: a loving friend to help

Respite care is another service typically offered through home care companies, although strictly speaking it is an important niche of its own. While often associated with seniors, as most of us hope to pass away peacefully deep into our golden years, it is a service that can be accessed by anyone who needs help and support in the face of a terminal illness or difficult medical diagnosis. While sometimes medically necessary, few of us feel comfortable at the idea of spending our last weeks or months within the confines of a hospital, with only overworked medical personnel on hand. Respite care allows the patient to return home (or to a care-home type environment, depending on their preferences) with the peace of mind of knowing their medical needs will be met, but also their need for peace, family and connection through this difficult period.

Occasional care as you need it

Of course, not every care plan needs to be long term. For many fit, hale and hearty seniors, or those undergoing long-term medical treatment, you may be perfectly fine still managing your day-to-day environment but need an occasional hand around the home in stressful periods. You might, for example, need recuperative care after an operation, or wish for someone to come in after dialysis or chemotherapy sessions to ensure you stay on track for healthy, rewarding living. Or perhaps you need a once-a-week hand to get heavier groceries home and packed away, or some companionship while shopping or attending an event. Occasional care is flexible and fully structured around the senior’s needs.

Cleaning care when you need it

While we typically think of care at home when we imagine home care companies, it’s important to remember that other firms also provide key forms of domiciliary care. From ‘meals on wheels’- type programs that simply ensure seniors are eating healthy foods, right through to full-on cleaning services, there’s a lot of care you can access to help keep your life running smoothly throughout your later years. A cleaning company is often a great first step towards care at home, acting as a bridge between declining physical strength which makes rigorous home cleaning impossible, exhausting or even dangerous, without the full care needs. A clean home is, after all, a safe and happy home, and knowing a professional cleaner is ensuring that your environment is safe and healthy is a burden off of everyone’s mind.

There’s a vast range of care services available to help you choose the level of coverage and care that suits your needs as an individual, not a cookie-cutter pattern. Home care companies like PAI Homecare can help you create the perfect bespoke care plan to match you or your senior’s levels of activity, self-care, medical needs and much more, so why not get in touch today?

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